Pick Your Own

2023 Prices and likely season

Prices will vary depending on the volumes of fruit available to pick and there will often be discounts available for people picking larger amounts. Keep in touch with us at @purbeckfood on Facebook and Instagram where we will keep you updated on any discounts available when there is a heavy cropping period.

Prices for 2023 (without discounts)

Strawberries £7.99/kg June-July

Gooseberries £12.99 / kg late June - early July

Raspberries £12.99 / kg  June-July

Blackcurrants £10.99 / kg July

Redcurrants £10.99 / kg  June-July

Blueberries £12.99 / kg July - Aug 

Sunflowers 70p per stem Aug

Pumpkins from £1 October

We have worked hard over the last few years to provide a  well kept and pleasant area of the farm where customers can visit to peacefully and easily pick a variety of fruit and vegetables without having to walk far. 

All fruit picked is weighed and paid for according to the rates show above.

Pick Your Own – How Does It Work?

1)               Collect baskets from the barn shop. 

2)               Check best rows to pick, minimum spend, any discounts available and prices on the board in the barn.

3)               Enter the field through the small gate near the barn.

4)               Pick what you want then return to reception to weigh it and pay. (card or cash)

Note: sometimes our mobile broadband can be slow so it may be easier to pay by cash.


·   How much does a full basket hold?

A full basket is approx. 1.1kg

·   Can I eat the fruit as I pick?

No. All fruit picked must be paid for before eating. Any customers seen eating the fruit in the field will be asked to leave and pay for what they have picked when returning to the barn. In the event of any dispute then we will estimate the extra amount to pay. 

·   How much does a full basket of strawberries cost?

About £8.50 depending on the actual weight.

·   Can I mix different fruits in the same basket?

Yes, you can mix all the fruit in together if you are happy for us to use the average rate per kg for what you have picked.

What does minimum spend mean?

We will have a minimum spend per person displayed on the board at the farm. (It will range from £2 to £3 per person depending on crop conditions). It means for example that if 2 of you want to do PYO then you must spend £4 or more with us. If you have picked 1kg of strawberries between you for example then this will cost £7.99 which is above the minimum spend so no problem. If 2 of you pick 300g between you then this will cost £2.39 which is below the minimum spend. In this case you could either go out and pick more fruit or pay £4 (£2 per person) and take what you have. The purpose of this policy is to encourage customers to pick a reasonable amount of the fruit. If you only want a very small amount of fruit then we often have punnets of the fruit in season at the time for sale in the barn shop.


Are dogs allowed in the PYO fields.

No, we can't let dogs into the PYO fields during picking season so please do not bring your dog.

Other important information