Pick Your Own

We are now closed for PYO until June 2021.

Covid-19 restrictions this year. These are to ensure the safety of all customers and staff.

This year will be different to normal.

Groups of more than 6 people at our discretion only and only if you can keep all members of your group together at all times.

All customers wanting to pick must go to reception first where picking information and hand sanitiser is available.

Only touch fruit you are going to pick and wash it well before eating it.

You must stay in your family group whilst picking in the field, you must not separate or disperse. Take particular care to ensure children stay next to you.

There will be a maximum of 25 groups allowed in the field at any one time. If there are already 25 groups inside then you will need to wait until a group comes out. There is no need to book in advance, however.

Please do not spend more time than necessary in the field.

All groups must stay at least 2 metres from all other customer groups and staff.

We will continue to review the effectiveness of the rules and will make changes at short notice if required.

We reserve the right to ask people to leave the farm if you are not abiding by the rules.

During the autumn opening hours will be reduced.

Strawberries are usually in season from early June to September with peak production in June and early July. Volumes of strawberries to pick are often lower from late July through to the end of August .

Raspberries are usually in season from July to August.

Blueberries are usually in season from early July until the end of August or early September depending on the weather.

Blackcurrants are usually in season from early July to early August.

Redcurrants are usually in season in July

Gooseberries are usually in season from late June to mid July

Fine beans are usually in season from July to August.

Runner beans are usually in season from August to September.

Autumn raspberries are in season from August to early October.

Autumn strawberries are in season from September to October

Squash and pumpkins are usually in Season from mid September to end of October

Pick Your Own – How Does It Work?

1) Go to the barn to collect tubs. We are switching to cardboard containers as soon as our stock of plastic tubs is used up.

2) Check best rows to pick and prices on the board.

3) Enter the field through the small gate near the barn.

4) Pick what you want then return to reception to weigh it and pay


· How much does a basket hold?

o A full basket is approx. 1.2kg of strawberries or raspberries and is approx. 1.4kg of blueberries or blackcurrants.

· Can I eat the fruit as I pick?

o No, please don’t.

· How much does a full basket of strawberries cost?

o About £6.30 depending on the actual weight. The fruit is priced per kg and you pay for the weight you have picked.

Can I pick half a basket of fruit?

o Yes, it will cost about £3.15 depending on the actual weight and fruit picked.

· Can I mix different fruits in the same tub?

o Yes, if the price per kg is the same, or if you are happy for us to estimate the average £ per kg then you can decide to mix different fruits in the basket. See the board for prices.

· How do I get the reduced price shown?

o If there is a reduced price for picking a particular fruit it will be displayed on the board with the minimum weight required to qualify for the reduced rate.

· Can we take several tubs for our group and combine them at the end?

o Yes. Take enough tubs so everyone can pick into a tub.

· Can I just pick a small amount of fruit?

o Yes. The price for amounts of less than 1kg is on the board.

· Is there an entry fee?

o Not usually, but we reserve the right to make a charge of 50p per person minimum in the event that a group returns with little fruit to pay for in relation to their group size and/or the amount of time they have been in the picking fields. Sometimes there is a minimum spend for PYO and this will be displayed if it applies.