Pick Your Own

2022 Prices and likely season

Prices will vary depending on the volumes of fruit available to pick and there will often be discounts available for people picking larger amounts. Keep in touch with us at @purbeckfood on Facebook and Instagram where we will keep you updated on discounts available when there is a heavy cropping period.

Strawberries £5.95-£6.75/ kg June-Aug

Gooseberries £8.90 / kg late June - early July

Raspberries £8.90 / kg June-July

Blackcurrants £7-£7.90 / kg July-Aug

Redcurrants £7 / kg June-July

Blueberries £7.50-£9.50 / kg July - Aug

Pumpkins October

We have worked hard over the last few years to provide a safe and pleasant area of the farm where customers can visit to peacefully and easily pick a variety of fruit and vegetables without having to walk far. We do not charge an entry fee for customers who wish to visit the fields to pick their own produce. We do, however, have a £5 minimum spend on PYO per family or group and there is an entry fee of £2.50 per person for people who wish to visit the fields but not pick any fruit.

Pick Your Own – How Does It Work?

1) Collect baskets from the barn shop.

2) Check best rows to pick and prices on the board in the barn.

3) Enter the field through the small gate near the barn.

4) Pick what you want then return to reception to weigh it and pay


· How much does a full basket hold?

o A full basket is approx. 1.1kg

· Can I eat the fruit as I pick?

o No. All fruit picked must be paid for before eating.

· How much does a full basket of strawberries cost?

o About £7.50 depending on the actual weight.

· Can I mix different fruits in the same tub?

o Yes, you can mix all the fruit in together if you are happy for us to use the average rate per kg for what you have picked.

· Is there an entry fee?

o Not for customers picking their own produce. There is a £5 minimum spend for PYO fruit. For customers who wish to visit the field and not pick any produce and in situations where a group has picked a small amount of fruit in relation to the number of people and the time spent in the field then a fee per person may be charged at the discretion of Lenctenbury Farm.

Are dogs allowed in the PYO fields.

o No, we can't let dogs into the PYO fields during picking season so please do not bring your dog.

Other important information

  • We are not operating a booking system. Check which days we are open as this may change depending on crop load, weather and visitor numbers, then come along when you are ready. Bear in mind that the busiest times in the field are weekends and afternoons.

  • Our opening hours are 10:00-17:00 unless all ripe fruit is picked out before 17:00. Please arrive by 16:15 if you want to go out into the field to pick.

  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times whilst in the fields.

  • The fields, car park and barn are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day for the protection of ourselves, our staff and our customers. Thieves will be prosecuted.

  • We may close temporarily, at short, or no notice, if the car park becomes full. Consider coming in the morning at weekends.

  • We accept cash and all debit and credit cards.

  • Containers are available in the barn for you to pick into.

  • Prams and wheelchairs can be used in the fields. Access to the field is level but the fields undulate in places.

  • There is no cafe or picnic area available at the farm.

  • There are no public toilets available at the farm.

  • Coach parties can be accommodated but only first thing in the mornings and by prior appointment. The lane to the farm is narrow and you should check that your driver is happy to negotiate the lane.

During the autumn opening hours will be reduced.

Strawberries are usually in season from June to July with peak production in June and early July. Volumes of strawberries to pick are significantly lower from late July through to the end of August .

Raspberries are usually in season from July to early August.

Blueberries are usually in season from early July until the end of August or early September depending on the weather.

Blackcurrants are usually in season from early July to early August.

Redcurrants are usually in season in July

Gooseberries are usually in season from late June to mid July

Fine beans are usually in season from July to August.

Runner beans are usually in season from August to September.

Squash and pumpkins are usually in Season from mid September to end of October