The farm is OPEN every day at the moment 10:00-17:00

There are lots of blueberries available to pick and Pick Your Own blueberries are half price for picks over 1kg (£6.50 per kg rather than £12.99 per kg).

There's also redcurrants and blackcurrants to pick.

We have come to the end of the first crop of strawberries so there will only be a few to pick in the mornings as the last ones ripen. It is likely that there will be none to pick in the afternoons.

We should have the later fruiting strawberries ready in about 7 days.

Gooseberries are now all picked. 

If you decide to pick fruit then you must pay for it.

All fruit must be paid for before eating it.

We will keep you updated on opening hours on Instagram and Facebook (@purbeckfood) and also on this web page.

We will also be offering some of our fruit bushes and trees for sale at 50% off for the next few weeks, all are pot grown and can be planted at any time of year.


For more Pick Your Own information, terms and prices click the link here -->   Pick Your Own 

Keep in touch with opening times and updates at @purbeckfood on Instagram and Facebook.

 We have mature blueberry bushes in 30 litre pots available for collection and UK delivery in a range of sizes and prices. See Blueberry Bushes  for more information. We also have well grown fruit trees and bushes for sale, all of which can be planted at any time of year.

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Fruit bush sale 50% off - potted fruit bushes and trees.

For more info click on Fruit Bushes and Plants

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For a list and prices of fruit bushes and trees available see Fruit Bushes and Plants

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