Blueberry Bushes

Blueberries in 1.5 Litre pots, 3years old, well branched and around 2ft tall:

Duke - An early cropping variety which produces plump well flavoured berries in July on compact bushes. A good choice if space is limited.

Bluecrop - A very reliable, sweet flavoured, high yielding variety cropping in July to early August.

Chandler - Produces very large, sweet berries in August, twice the size of most other blueberries.

£12 per bush or 3 for £30

These can be collected at the farm or delivered in the UK by parcel at a cost of £11 per parcel. We can fit up to 6 bushes in a parcel

XXL Established blueberry bushes in 30 Litre pots up to 6ft tall:

We have well established blueberry bushes in 30 litre pots which are cropping fully each year and will go on for another 40 years or so. These are bushes which have been grown in our fields and have then been lifted and potted before growing on for another year at least before they are ready for sale.

These bushes are cropping fully each year. It takes about 8 years for a typical 2 year old bush to reach cropping maturity and so these bushes are well worth considering if you don't want to wait that long.

XXL bushes £85 each (varieties available: Bluecrop, Nelson, Chandler)

XL bushes £45 each (varieties available: Bluecrop, Chandler, Nelson)

Large bushes £30 each (varieties available Bluecrop, Duke, Nelson

Prices are per bush with discounts available for multiple bush orders.

Delivery can be arranged to anywhere in the UK by pallet, 5-8 bushes per pallet, or by our own transport. Contact us at for a quote, to place an order ,or more details. As a guide it costs approx. £80 to send a pallet to England and Wales, more for London, Scotland and remote areas.

XL, established blueberry bushes.

To the left is an established XL sized blueberry bush, these are in 30 litre pots and are the same age as our XXL grade but are less bushy, shorter or more irregular in shape. They will grow and crop successfully for up to 40 years. They will produce a crop straight away and are cheaper than the XXL bushes. We can fit 6 on a pallet comfortably although we have stacked up to 10 on a pallet for customers looking to get good value for the transport cost.

Bushes are priced at £45

XXL, established blueberry bushes.

To the left is an established XXL grade blueberry bush, these are in 30 or 35 litre pots and are approximately 6fy tall including the pot. They will grow and crop successfully for up to 40 years and will provide a crop straight away. We can fit 5 on a pallet

Bushes are priced at £85 per bush depending on the volume ordered.

Contact us for a quote.