Retail and Wholesale


Blueberries will be available for sale to retail and wholesale outlets during the harvest season (July-Aug). Blueberries are usually packed into 125g punnets and are packed 16 to the tray.

Alternatively we can supply blueberries in 1kg punnets. This format is popular with hotels and caterers because the price per kg is less than buying the same weight in 8 small punnets.

Blueberries need to be kept refrigerated below 5 degrees centigrade for optimum shelf life and will usually keep for 5 days if kept refrigerated although weather conditions at the time of picking can affect this and no guarantee can be given.

Prices for blueberries depend on the volume ordered per delivery, the market context at the time and the delivery distance - the more you order the lower the price can be.

Contact Us for a quote or to discuss how we can meet your requirements.

Frozen blueberries

We freeze blueberries to order for some customers and frozen blueberries can be kept in our store and delivered to customers regularly or in one delivery. Alternatively we can pack fresh blueberries in stackable plastic containers of 750g or 500g each and then stacked on a pallet and sent by refrigerated pallet service during the picking season. This can be a cost effective way of buying larger quantities of blueberries for processing use or freezing yourself for later use.

Contact Us if you would like to discuss how we can meet your requirements for frozen blueberries.