We have had a lot of customers at the farm this week and are now sold out of Christmas Trees.

We have lots of blueberry bushes available for sale in a range of sizes. If you would like to come and have a look then please call 07798 743877 to arrange a convenient time.

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We have our own Purbeck reared lambs nearly ready and are now taking orders for half lambs (£75) to include:

1 x Whole shoulder on the bone

1 x Rack of lamb

1 x pack of loin chops (approx. 7 chops)

3 x boneless chump chops

2 x half leg of lamb on the bone

1 x pack of minced lamb

For whole lambs (£140) double the amounts above.

The lamb will be ready for collection at the end of February 2021 or we can offer free delivery in the Purbeck area.

The meat will be vac-packed in individual pieces, labelled and packed in a cardboard box. You will need at least one freezer drawer available for half a lamb.

To place on order just send an email to purbeckdelivery@gmail.com.

We also have fruit bushes and fruit trees available for sale. For more details Click here

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Fruit bush sale - potted fruit bushes and trees.

For more info click on Fruit Bushes and Plants

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For a list and prices of fruit bushes and trees available see Fruit Bushes and Plants

We will have pork and lamb from our own animals available for delivery shortly. Contact Us to find out what is available.

Keeping warm in January! We continue to rear British Saddleback cross Large White pigs.

There will be fresh pork ready around mid April.

For more information on the pork and pigs click on Pigs

We are proud of our food hygiene rating