Pigs, Pork and Sausages

Half pigs, quarter pigs and individual pieces butchered to your specification are available to order periodically. Please contact us to find out when the next ones are ready or to join our email list which will make sure you are informed when pork is ready.

The carcass is butchered according to your specification and each joint, chop and steak is individually vacuum packed and labelled.

To ensure you are informed when lamb is ready to order, please add your email address to the form on our home page.

We rear traditional breeds of pig at Lenctenbury Farm near Corfe Castle using a high welfare outdoor free range system. The pigs are reared in small batches and so pork, sausages and other products are available fresh at 4 or so points in the year.

The meat is of the highest quality, having been raised more slowly than intensively reared pork and it is packaged and labelled in individual pieces.

Frozen meat is often available.