Home Delivery

We are offering a no contact home delivery service for fruit and vegetables and also for our fruit trees and bushes.

How does it work?

  • 1) Place an order by sending your list of items required , your name, address, contact number for the day of delivery plus any useful tips on how to find your address to purbeckdelivery@gmail.com The list of available items and prices is further down the page and will be updated as things change.

  • 2) We will send you a payment link and our BACS bank transfer details on email which will allow you to enter your card details or use online banking at home on your phone or computer.

  • 3) We will confirm the delivery date with you by email and leave your produce in a box at your door. We will be delivering on Mondays, and Fridays.

  • 4) There is no delivery charge for customers in The Purbeck area for orders over £15. We cover the Swanage, Corfe Castle, Wool, Lulworth, Bovington, Wareham, Bere Regis, Lytchett Matravers and Sandford areas. We are not delivering elsewhere currently.

  • 5) For any other help call 07798 743 877

Where does the produce come from?

Some of the produce will be grown or produced here at Lenctenbury Farm near Corfe Castle. Where possible we will be sourcing produce from other farmers and growers across the West Country although some produce will need to come from other regions or abroad.

Products and prices:

Price List


Potatoes 75p per kg

New Potatoes £1.20 per kg

Carrots 90p per kg

Onions £1.40 per kg

White cabbage 90p per kg (small 800g, large 1.6kg)

Green cabbage £1.10 each

Aubergines 95p each

Fennel £1.60 per pack of 2

Celery £1.20 per pack

Lenctenbury Farm Courgettes £2.40 per kg

Bag of Chillies £2.00 each

Ginger £1.00 per 200g

Butternut squash £1.85

Garlic 45p each

Red peppers 99p

Baby beetroot (250g cooked ready to eat) £1.60

Green broccoli £2.45 per kg (3-4 heads per kg)

Cauliflower £1.40 each

Little Gem lettuce 2 in a pack £1.70

Cucumber 70p each

Tomatoes £1.70 per kg

Cherry tomatoes £1.20 per 250g

Closed cup button mushrooms £1.40 per 400g

Spring Onions 90p per bunch

Lenctenbury Farm Strawberries 400g £3.50

Apples Braeburn 45p each

Apples Bramley (cooking) 45p each

Cherries 250g £2.00

Lemons 49p each

Bananas 49p each

Satsumas 40p each

Grapes red seedless £2.90 per bag (approx. 500g)

Peaches 50p each

Lenctenbury Farm runner beans (500g) £2.50

Lenctenbury Farm tiger marrows £3 each or 2 for £5

Eggs £1.50 per box of 6

Fresh milk semi skimmed 2 litre £1.80

“Just like butter” Spread 2kg £5.80

Butter 250g block £1.95

Dorset Open Air Dairy Cheddar 200g £3.40

Pasta Fusili twists 3Kg £8.35

Pasta Penne 3kg £8.35

Brown bread sliced loaf £1.90

Thai Jasmine Rice 2kg £7.20

Easy cook long grain rice 5kg £11

Plain Flour 1.5kg £1.95

Self Raising Flour 1.5kg £1.95

Lenctenbury Farm Blueberry Jam £2.50

Lenctenbury Farm Blueberry & Apple Juice (100% juice ready to drink) 75cl £6.90

Lenctenbury Farm Blueberry & Apple Juice (100% juice ready to drink) 33cl £3.30

Lenctenbury Farm Blueberry Juice Drink (35% juice ready to drink) 33cl £1.65

Lenctenbury Farm Free Range Meat (delivered frozen)

Lean pork leg mince approx. 500g £3.95

Pork & Apple Sausages £4.50

Fruit bushes and trees

Blueberry 2 Litre pot £12

Mature blueberry 30 Litre pot £34

Honeyberry 30L pot £15

Blackberry £12

Hazelnut £18

Apple (braeburn, cox, discovery, bramley) £24

Pear £24

Cherry £24

Apricot £28

Plum £24