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Fruit Bushes and Plants

All bushes and trees are potted and so can be planted at any time. Spring is a good time to plant. We have blueberry bushes of all sizes, blackcurrant, gooseberry, redcurrant, blackberry, raspberry, grapevines, pomegrnate, figs, gojiberry, honeyberry, kiwi berry, kiwi fruit, cranberry, tayberry, lognberry, apple, plum, cherry, pear and cobnut.

Fruit bushes can be bought at the farm (see Opening times or call 07798 743877 to arrange a convenient time to visit. There is someone on site every day even when the gates are closed).
Most of the varieties we produce are high quality commercial varieties with outstanding yield, flavour and disease resistance characteristics. Some of these varieties are often not available through the mainstream garden centres and nurseries. At Lenctenbury Farm we grow fruit for sale as well as produce the plants for sale and we often use the same varieties in the field as we have available for sale.

Pruning training is available to anyone buying a plant from us - or indeed to anyone not buying a plant but interested in how to properly prune fruit bushes. For more details clink on the following link Pruning Courses
For any questions or advice please feel free to Contact Us
For further information on growing blueberries see
Blueberry Bushes
We have blueberry bushes in pots ranging in price from £8 to £40 
Many of them are established bushes that have been lifted from the field and potted. These plants will carry good crops straight away.
We will be lifting many more established bushes so if you are interested in well established larger rooted plants contact us to discuss your requirements. We can offer discounted prices for larger orders
Blueberries are easy to grow and look after if you get the two key things right. First you must plant the bush in acidic soil (pH 4.5 - 5.0 is optimum) or in ericaceous compost in a pot.

Secondly you must prune the bush every year. If you get these things right and feed a fertiliser during April-June then you can expect fruit every year for between 20 and 40 years. All plant buyers will receive a guide on how to plant, prune and care for your bush.

Blackcurrant Bushes
The bushes we produce are strong 2 and 3 year old bushes. 


Gooseberry Bushes
The bushes we produce are strong 2 and 3 year old bushes which will carry a small crop in their first year after planting. Green and red fruiting varieties usually available

Raspberry Canes
We have summer fruiting and autumn fruiting varieties, both of which will produce fruit this year.

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